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1980s fashion to spice your wardrobe

1980s fashion has stood the test of time to become a trending fashion in the present times. So what has made clothes from this era fashionable to this day? Why has it been able to capture the attention of fashion enthusiasts? The main reason why this fashion has become very popular especially in the recent past is due its uniqueness and the high level creativity used in its designs.

The 1980s fashion can be subdivided into groups that include:

1980s fashion

Power of 1980s fashion:

The 1980s fashion consisted of long hair for women and slicked back hair for the male gender, huge pockets, three-quarters long sleeves, high waist skirts, enormous shoulder pads, sky-high stilettos and leather shirts. The mode of dressing of this 1980s fashion was reserved to the wealthy and powerful in the society. Its onset was mainly common during the beginning of the era of capitalism. One of the reasons why the fashion was a favorite option for the rich is because of the glamourous nature of the fashion.

1980s Fashion 1980s Fashion New look

1980s Fashion New wave:

The 1980s fashion brought about a new wave in fashion. This wave consisted of neon stripes, diagonal stripes, asymmetrical haircuts and t-shirts decorated with Japanese characters. This style was used to represent an alternative outlook on the future as well as rebellion against power. This new wave style was particularly very common among popular musicians like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Taking Heads among other artists. The best thing about this style of the 1980s fashion is that it had an impressive appearance and as such, it became a popular fashion choice in the entertainment industry.

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1980s Tribal styles:

The 1980s fashion also had specific tribal attributes common among its enthusiasts. These attributes included headbands, side ponytails for girls, leg warmers, bagy jumpers, acid wash jeans and leopard print berrets. One of the unique aspects about this style is that it was relaxed and casual such that it became a favorite fashion choice of entertainers such as MTV music generation. This 1980s fashion style was represented best by big names in the music industry such as Van Halen, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

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madonna 80s fashion

The uniqueness of the 1980s fashion styles has played a very important role in defining the accessories that can be worn with this fashion. For instance, some of the accessories that are ideal to be worn with this style include bracelets, earrings, chains and necklaces as well as other accessories including watches. With the 1980s fashion, it is very easy to look glamourous and exceptionally beautiful.